Our Mighty Power

Our consultant: 
Mr Ting Beng Chin (丁明正校长), Former Principal of Ai Tong School
We are a team of ex-HOD and experienced tutors who know that by giving careful, individual attention to each pupil, he or she will be nurtured and grow in the way we would like him/her to.
Primary School Division
Ms Lucy Tan (Mathematics Specialist, Author)
Ms Geraldine (Primary English Specialist)

About Our Mighty Power

Being a team of experienced, passionate & dedicated former MOE teachers, we seek to provide guidance for all children who deserve the best attention. We believe that every child wants to learn and every child can learn. Under our guidance, we are confident that the child will improve and grow mighty! 

We ensure that classroom is fun & engaging such that every pupil learning experience is rewritten and each is inspired to learn more! 


We await to uncover the potential & talent in pupils. Scoring from  a ‘C’ to an ‘A’ is never too difficult.


Join us and allow us to help you fulfill your potential!

Our SUCCESS package: CARE

So our lessons usually starts off with a Central Key Idea using as many images to manage & connect information & knowledge. Each individual will achieve conceptual understanding and will absorb  information well through questioning & problem solving. We work on some review questions to predict & identify possible answers. Through the process, we emphasize on strategies for understanding difficult information. Tackling things that are new as well as internalizing and applying concepts are key to our lessons.

We encourage each individual child to spend huge amount of effort on learning. For e.g. doing more review questions so that there will be no lack of opportunity for practice. To encourage our pupils, rewards & written feedback will be given to individual. End of the day, each pupil walk away from the classroom with a satisfied mind & a reflective attitude.